Why use lawn fertiliser?

Great looking lawns don’t just happen, if you want to improve the general health and appearance of your lawn, using a fertiliser can be a good way to ensure your grass gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, green and lush. Proper use of lawn fertiliser can keep your lawn in good condition and will encourage strong, dense grass growth. Not only does lawn fertiliser improve the appearance of your lawn but it can also help your turf to recover from wear and tear and the effects of any harsh weather conditions. Keeping your turf well fertilised with a balanced nutrient programme can also stop your lawn from becoming weak, patchy and thin which can make the grass more susceptible to moss and weeds. Lawns in poor conditions are also more likely to be affected by diseases.

Which type of fertiliser:

There are a huge range of fertilisers suitable for use on a lawn, depending on the problem, and or goal. Here at Fishers Farm Lawncare we hold stock of a large range of all types of lawn fertiliser allowing the correct product to be used at the correct time. Options include granular, liquid, organic, certified pet and child safe to name but a few.

Before and after of a large lawn in Ingatestone using a liquid fertiliser to ensure puppy saftey.

Fertiliser types are split into the following categories, each with a different method of application.

Granular Fertiliser:

Granular fertiliser is available in various granule sizes from mini to maxi. Lawn fertiliser spreaders are usually push-along and deliver the fertiliser using a hopper, or for smaller areas, handheld fertiliser spreaders are used.

Soluble and Liquid Fertiliser:

Soluble fertilisers are made up of powders or granules which are soluble in water and are applied using a sprayer, either into the soil or absorbed through the leaf direct into the plant.

Liquid fertilisers are also applied using a sprayer, they come in a liquid form that needs to be diluted with water. Liquid fertilisers are preferred by many due to them being easy to apply and mix with other products, as well as delivering results quickly.

Before and after of a rear lawn in Corringham using granular fertiliser.
The results of an application of high impact granular fertiliser.
Autumn granular fertiliser doing its job nicely
Spring granular fertiliser working well on this lawn in South Ockendon.